"Antique Cabinet" Birdhouse
One,Two,Three Birdhouse
"Home is where the heart is"
*NEW* La Boca Birdhouse
*NEW* One-of-a-kind "The Wire" Birdhouse
Aile d'or Birdhouse
Americana Porch Box
Antique Block Birdhouse (one-of-a-kind)
Antiqued Multi Level Bird House
Art Deco Duplex Birdhouse
Art Deco Single Birdhouse
Art Deco Triple Birdhouse
Bed & Breakfast Birdhouse/ Bird Feeder
Bird Feeders
Cardinal Houses / Platforms
Cedar Hexagon Birdfeeder
Cedar Nesting Platform
Ceramic Bird Birdhouse
Custom Bird Feeder (Example A)
Custom Bird Feeder (Example B)
Custom Bird Feeder (Example C)
Custom Bird Feeder (Example D)
Custom Bird House Example A
Custom Birdhouse Example B
Custom Birdhouse Example C
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Custom Birdhouse Example I
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Custom Birdhouse Example L
Custom Birdhouse Example M
Custom Birdhouse Example N
Custom Built Bird Feeders
Custom Built Bird Houses
Dream House Birdhouse (One-of-a-kind)
Fairy House #001/150
Fairy House #002/150
Fairy House #003/150
Fairy House #004/150
Fairy House #005/150 (Mushroom Garden)
Fairy House #006/150 (Beach House)
Fairy House #007/150 (Laundry Day)
Fairy House #008/150 Fairy Birdhouse
Fairy House #009/150 Fairy Dress Shoppe
Fairy House #010/150 (Honey Hut)
Fairy House #012/150 (Fairy Fruit Stand)
Fairy house #013/150 (Fairy Boot)
Fairy House #014/150 (Fairy Garden Memorial)
Fairy House #11/150 (German Cabin)
Fairy Houses/Gnome Doors
Giant "EAT" Sign Bird Feeder
Gnome For The Holidays (Gnome Door 5)
Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is (Gnome Door 3)
Gnome On The Range (Gnome Door 4)
Gnome Sweet Gnome (Gnome door 2)
Gothic Birdhouse (One-of-a-kind)
Green Bird Birdhouse
Is anyone Gnome (Gnome door 001)
Jewel Birdhouse
Lattice Birdhouse
Modern Design Bird Houses
Modern Marvel Bird House
Modern Square Bird Box
Natural Cardinal Nesting Platform
NEW! Art Deco Collection
NEW! One-of-a-kind Antiqued Cabinet Birdhouse
Old Meets New
One of a Kind Items
Pavilion Platform Bird Feeder
Recycled Wood Rustic Bird House with Copper Roof
Rustic Birdhouses
Special Custom
Special Custom Mailbox
Tennessee Mountain Home
The Birds & The Keys
The Romance Birdhouse Collection
Till The Cows Come Gnome (Gnome Door 6)
Tropical Gnome (Gnome Door 7)
Walton's Family Home
Walton's Mountain Home Birdhouse
Wings of Love Birdhouse